Safeguarding Your Drinking Water!

Our rivers collect and carry the source water we all depend on. 

These mighty rivers also provide the means for the region’s industrial and manufacturing strength, as well as the nation’s largest inland port. The River Alert Information Network (RAIN) is a regional Source Water Clean water Protection (SWP) program that continuously monitors water quality online, in near real-time, to better ensure the protection of public health and drinking water across the region.

Utilizing a diverse mix of technology and expertise, RAIN monitors the rivers from which most of our drinking water comes from in the Ohio River Basin region. Our new RAIN website allows you to see key water data collected, and helps inform the public of general water quality data you need to know about the water resources used by public drinking water systems.

  • Our new RAIN website features an Interactive Map which displays current river data, and is provided to make it easier for you to get current river information in near real-time from one central location. 
  • In addition, the map also provides overlay tools (Watersheds, Rivers, USGS sites, etc.) that help put into context the data provided at each of the RAIN monitoring site locations. 
  • Many of the map overlays provide additional links to pertinent sites maintained by the USEPA and/or USGS, so you can easily drill down to associated data for a given geographical locale.

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RAIN can minimize contamination of drinking water for countless communities and provides much needed water quality data to the water treatment plants. A water quality monitoring system in a river reduces the frequency of illegal contaminant discharges, over time resulting in overall water quality and environmental improvement within the river basin.