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For more information about RAIN, contact:

RAIN Chairperson

Ronald Bargiel

Water Quality Manager of Environmental Management and Complaince

Pennsylvania American Water 


RAIN Program Director

Victoria Kapopoulos



RAIN's Fiduciary Agent

Penn's Corner Conservancy Charitable Trust, Inc.
Gary Stokum, District Manager
Washington County Conservation District
2800 North Main Street, Suite 105
Washington, PA 15301

Penn’s Corner Conservancy Charitable Trust, is a nonprofit conservation organization coordinating financial and technical resources to identify source water and watershed management problems, establish goals and objectives, build strategies, and implement plans. Penn’s Corner serves as RAIN’s fiduciary agent as well as collaborative partner in recognizing and addressing specific water quality impairment issues within the RAIN Basin.


RAIN was founded in response to two pressing needs:

  • To comprehensively monitor our river systems - the source of our water.
  • To inform and educate the public on the current condition of our public water sources.

Over the past 5 years, our public and private partnerships have helped move RAIN forward, with a clear voice and long-term vision. Today, RAIN is a regional source water protection (SWP) program dedicated to protecting shared drinking water resources used by community water systems. RAIN's mission is to serve the public by creating an Early Warning System (EWS) in the Ohio River Basin to address public health issues, watershed protection and environmental accountability.