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By supporting the River Alert Information Network, you can help ensure safe drinking water for us all!

Support RAIN's safe drinking water efforts today.  Here's How.

RAIN is a diverse network of water suppliers, land use planners, conservation experts, and community members that work together for clean water in western Pennsylvania and northern West Virginia now - and for future generations.   

Your support matters greatly. By doing so, you are directly helping the cooperative and community-based protection efforts underway to further develop quality drinking water protection strategies that work for our region.  Through source water protection and early warning spill detection actions, we can better ensure safe drinking water for homeowners, communitries, businesses, and institutions. 

Can you think of anything more important to a region’s quality of life or economic growth?

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  • Are you Business or Business Group?
  • Are you an Agency or Institution?
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  • Are you a Small Business, Community Group, or Interested Individual?

There is no shortage of ways you can make a difference.  Here's How.


Public Water Supplier?

If you are a water supplier that is already part of the River Alert Information Network, contribute financially now for a stronger RAIN.  Please contact RAIN Program Director, Tori Kapopoulos via email, or RAIN’s fiduciary agent, Penn’s Corner Conservancy Charitable Trust, Inc. (Gary Stokum, Treasurer) via email for specific details. Your financial contribution will be directly used to strengthen RAIN’s monitoring and early warning spill detection efforts.

You already monitor and educate your customers…why do more?

Because the need to prevent and protect is ever increasing, even as resources to do so are shrinking. Yet public water suppliers must provide full public health protection. 

The US Environmental Protection Agency estimates that more than 80% of all public drinking water supplies in the United States have at least one potential source of pollution within about two miles of the supplier’s well or intake. Threats to public drinking water supplies are ever increasing as types and sources of pollution develop and human and financial resources shrink.

Protecting customers and sustaining a water system so that it can provide reliable water now and for future generations depends on a multiple barrier approach.  This includes planning for prevention of pollution in drinking water sources as well as developing contingency plans in case contaminated water is detected within source waters. 

By Joining RAIN, water suppliers can be part of a network working on these issues in cooperationwith each other and with those who rely on a quality product from their water supplier.

Business, industry, or institution?

How much does your business rely on clean water from our rivers?  Do you use water in your daily operations and services for drinking, cooking, cleaning, manufacturing, irrigation? Do your customers expect you to do your part to ensure safe drinking water?  Are your customers or employees looking to your company for "green" initiatives? Are you searching for opportunities to strengthen your corporate image and gain connections within the local community?

If you answered "yes” to any of these questions, then support RAIN financially in its efforts to ensure access to clean water through monitoring and early warning spill detection in rivers throughout the western Pennsylvania and northern West Virginia region.

→ Support RAIN's safe drinking water efforts today.  Here's How.