Current Initiatives

RAIN is constantly working on ways to expand our network and source water protection efforts. Here are some current projects we are working on to protect drinking water and grow our organization.


Carnegie Science Center h2OH! Station

RAIN's station at the Carnegie Science Center on the North Shore of Pittsburgh was unveiled in January 2018. At our station you can see a HACH Source Water Monitoring Panel with the same probes we use to monitor the rivers. The station also displays our interactive map so users can look at water quality in near-real time.


Expanding RAIN's network

RAIN is working on expanding our organization by reaching out to potential partners for collaboration as well as growing our member network. If you would like to collaborate or become a RAIN member, contact us! 



education & outreach

SWEET (Source Water Environmental Education Team) aims to spread RAIN's message through outreach and education to communities, other organizations, and anyone who is interested in learning about source water. 

We are working to spread knowledge on source water and water quality. We'll take any opportunity to talk about it! Interested in having RAIN come to your classroom? Your next event? Let us know!