Marketing & Education

Part of RAIN's recent work has included rebranding and producing new educational materials to distribute and inform the public about what RAIN is and what we do. RAIN’s rebrand highlights our real-time technology and positions us a valuable resource in the Ohio River Water Basin. We’re expanding our monitoring sites and reaching out to new stakeholders, including watershed groups, water authorities and municipalities. With a new director and new brand, we’re working towards a cleaner, healthier and better water source for Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia and the entire Ohio River Water Basin.

(SWEET) Source Water Environmental Education Team

The RAIN SWEET has been working to expand RAIN’s message by conducting public outreach and educational events on RAIN’s mission of source water protection. The SWEET makes itself available to RAIN Member utilities to conduct such events at local community fairs and schools. The SWEET also promotes RAIN to local and regional decision-makers such as municipal, county and state officials. It is expanding its effort to include presentations and poster events at professional and technical conferences.



Our tri-fold is used as an educational tool for potential members, sponsors, and partners to explore RAIN's monitoring sites and other important information about the RAIN network and program. 

SWP Post FRONT.png

Source Water Postcard- Front

Our postcard is a teaching tool used to educate the public about the connection between people and the environment. On the front we detail the drinking water cycle.

SWP Post BACK.png

Source Water Postcard- back

The back of the card draws connections between source water and the community with ideas on how to get involved in source water protection efforts.

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Check out RAIN on Water Reporter

Observation sparking community action

Water Reporter empowers everyday citizens to take actions that protect and improve water quality in their communities. Members use Water Reporter to organize stream cleanups, propel citizen science campaigns and lead restoration efforts right in their backyards.

An inside look at some RAIN members..