Residents of western Pennsylvania and northern West Virginia are impacted by rivers, creeks, and streams. We cross rivers every day, we enjoy recreation along and within those rivers, or our very livelihoods depend upon them. All who live, work, and play around these rivers (and that’s all of us) should take an interest in RAIN and join it in its efforts.

If you are a Drinking Water Utility, volunteer your time and expertise:

  • Join one of the RAIN Sub-Committees (Technical, Financial, or Education)
  • Participate on the RAIN Source Water Environmental Education Team (SWEET)
  • Assist with the RAIN Equipment Monitoring Team (EMT)
  • Develop and Implement a Source Water Protection Plan for your system’s source
  • Promote RAIN and source water protection to your local community and Municipal Officials
  • Support an increase in your authority’s RAIN Membership Fee

If you are an Industrial Water User, consider these options:

Option 1 - Become a RAIN Industrial Partner:

  • Annual Membership Fee provides access to RAIN’s automated Alert & Alarm System
  • Opportunity to become a RAIN monitoring site
  • Promote your industry’s proactive environmental stewardship on RAIN’s website

Option 2 - Become a RAIN Corporate Sponsor:

  • Help RAIN develop cooperative communications on water quality matters
  • Be recognized throughout the region for your industry’s support of RAIN

If you as a Homeowner or community member, support what we do:

  • Invite RAIN to speak at your local community event
  • Contact your local water supplier and insist they fully support RAIN
  • Attend and participate at a RAIN event
  • Volunteer your time and assist with a RAIN/Penn’s Corner project
  • Donate to the RAIN and support its public outreach